Vivienne Du

Vivienne Du 2I see space as matter which cannot be easily divided, penetrated or conventionalised into dimensional brackets. I believe it to be tenuous, in flux, subject to mental interpretation and suggestion. My aesthetic mediates between physicality and solidity as I emphasise the permeable, intangible nature of space and question its very dimensions.

Through a series of site specific installations, often based around locations of transition or transience, I employ space as an architectural form of ‘the void’. Corridors, passageways and thoroughfares do not operate as places for natural pause, they exist in an odd form of continuum which I desire to interrupt. Subsequently my construction of fabricated surfaces in the form of walls, partitions and membranes begin to bring into question the very nature of where architecture and sculpture intersect. Often ephemeral in its existence, my work aims to enable a renewed awareness, whilst altering and re-altering the environment, continuously bringing it anew.