Hannah Saunders

Hannah SaundersWith rules we gain control and a chance to manipulate our audience in any way we choose,knowing that they will have to comply in order to satisfy the ‘code’ of a gallery space, just like we have been manipulated in to following certain rules and adhere to the social protocol that is accepted in today’s society. Despite the complexity of the world and the way we live there is simplicity in it too. The choice is ours, but why do we need options?

I have recently been experimenting with relational aesthetics, and the idea of a live performance with the contribution of the audience. I  further my knowledge with every experimentation of manipulation with in a confined space. I create an atmosphere of intense psychological pressure and make the acknowledgement of social protocol compulsory. I believe that through these investigatory performances I can resolve my questions on morality and justice with the use of rules and moral dilemmas.  The use of punishment in my work and the idea of a leader and a set of rules to follow should make people anxious, and with that manipulated, trapped and herded. I want people to take a realisation away with them.
These images are just a glimpse of the work. It is vital with in these performances that they do not know exactly what the room looks like before they enter, or else the trust that it is invested in me by the participants will be lost.